Services Offered // For Corporate Clients 

Whether you are a corporate client or individual connected to that corporation facing an investigation or lawsuit, the Law Office of Marianne Recher can help.  How?  

The Law Office of Marianne Recher directly helps corporate clients under investigation (whether by a regulator, the government or internally) or in litigation by providing expert and efficient guidance, strategy, and response.  It can help corporate clients with one-off, quick-turnaround projects or on-going, long-term demands. 

For example, below are ways the Law Office of Marianne Recher can help you:

  • defend against financial, regulatory, and internal investigations
  • strategize and defend against threatened or actual law suits
  • analyze the relevant law
  • identify, gather, analyze and synthesize facts through interviews, document reviews, etc.
  • coordinate subpoena response
  • create chronologies of relevant facts
  • identify, locate, and interview witnesses 
  • identify and coordinate a team of experts to defend against investigation or suit
  • provide other ad hoc support and problem solving