Marianne served as my outside litigation and regulatory counsel in relation to certain mortgage-related matters. Marianne did an incredible job working with and analyzing . . . data on thousands of mortgage loans, including identifying certain inconsistencies which greatly assisted us is defending against claims made by regulators or plaintiffs. Marianne was able to learn the mortgage business in very short order and added an immense amount of value to our defense effort. . . . Marianne is a highly skilled, hard-working attorney with the ability to quickly grasp complicated concepts in a variety of subject matters. She has great people skills, is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients and is a pleasure to work with. . . . Marianne always had a great attitude, even during some trying times and late nights. She is a highly skilled attorney but also possesses significant business sense and is able to provide very practical advice.
— General Counsel of hedge fund
Marianne was very good at isolating the material issues during litigation and used her deep subject knowledge and skills to prepare her clients. . . . Marianne was a knowledgeable attorney, who worked very hard to learn the subject matter on her cases. She was able to communicate her thoughts very clearly and would conduct numerous reviews with her clients to insure her points were understood. . . . Marianne was a very pleasant person to work with. It makes a big difference when you’re working on complex issues with someone like Marianne, whose demeanor and personality makes the task much easier. . . . I personally worked with Marianne for many years and knew firsthand how effectively she prepared her clients through hours and hours of research and dialogue.
— Manager at a large investment bank
Our case, with a furniture manufacturer in the Carolinas, was over the loss of goods in an unusual circumstance. This months-long dispute with constant emails, phone calls and letters ended with a stalemate, until we contacted Marianne Recher. With her counsel, we were able to come to a swift agreement: a settlement for goods lost with the furniture manufacturer all without the added stress of going to court. Our dealings with Marianne found her to be direct, efficient, confident, personable and knowledgeable in a wide array of legal matters.
— Owner of furniture business in contract dispute with supplier